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Emily Kraft scored vital, winning goals, in our wins over Southamton & Ipswich Town, and wins our January Owners Player of the Month!

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Well, this is it I guess, my new Substack is here and the content will start tomorrow.

This is why I'm doing it, what to expect and how you can come along on the journey, free or paid. (still some design work going on).
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So, how good was she? Well, Ranger was a player who made you question whether the ball was glued to her feet, a player who made dancing around defenders seem like a walk in the park and a player who has criminally gone under the radar. Just pure magic really. AthensWFS photo




Our Mission is to help drive the healthy, long-term, economically-sound, global growth of girls’ and women’s football on all levels, and use its unique beauty and power to change lives everywhere for the better!



Athens Women's Football Summit

Athens Women's Football Summit 2019

The First International Conference of the Athens Women’s Football Summit was held on October 16-17, 2019 on the gorgeous Athens Riviera! In attendance were top sporting, business, NGO and governmental stakeholders from France, Greece, the US, the UK, Italy, Cyprus, Brazil, Switzerland, Australia, Kenya and from around the world!

Athens Women's Football Summit 2020

The terrible COVID-19 pandemic brought much to a standstill, but Women’s Football continued its powerful growth, and the Second International Conference of the Athens Women’s Football Summit was held virtually on October 12-16, 2020! Viewed in over 100 countries, this was the largest ever women’s football digital summit to date!

Athens Women's Football Summit 2022

In 2022 we return to Greece to hold our eagerly-awaited Third International Conference of the Athens Women’s Football Summit in-person and virtually streamed – game-changing, innovative, action-inducing and uniquely connecting in the way attendees have come to expect of this industry-leading gathering. Please join us and top global stakeholders on September 22-23! 

The Athens Women's Football Summit Award

At the inaugural 2019 conference in Athens we had the honor to bestow upon the legendary Carolina Morace the first ever Athens Women’s Football Summit Award! Designed exclusively for AthensWFS by acclaimed artist Nikos Karokis, this prestigious award is given in-person at every in-person summit in recognition of exceptional service to women’s football and its unique culture.

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Women's football is the greatest movement in sport and an opportunity to celebrate the Beautiful Game at its very best! Join our global ecosystem of clubs, corporations, governing bodies, organizations and dynamic individuals and commit to the healthy, long-term growth of girls' and women's football!