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11 hours ago
Study: 88% of people want to watch more women’s soccer

Of course. That’s what we’ve been discussing with broadcasting and brand execs for ages, and every day more and more begin to understand this. Does your org or company?

Great study by @Wasserman!
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12 hours ago
So grateful @thehill recognizes the importance of putting a light on the @NWSL and need for change. @SpisakAgency
1 day ago
Νίκη της Εθνικής Γυναικών στο Καζακστάν #naftemporiki Με γκολ της Γρηγoρίας Πούλιου (ασίστ @veatriki_sarri) στο 85’ η #ΕθνικήΠοδόσφαιρουΓυναικών επικράτησε 1-0 του Καζακστάν στην Astana Arena, σε αγώνα προκριματικων του Mundial 2023. Συγχαρητήρια! 🇬🇷⚽️ AthensWFS photo




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Athens Women's Football Summit

Athens Women's Football Summit 2019

The First International Conference of the Athens Women’s Football Summit was held on October 16-17, 2019 on the gorgeous Athens Riviera! In attendance were top sporting, business, NGO and governmental stakeholders from France, Greece, the US, the UK, Italy, Cyprus, Brazil, Switzerland, Australia, Kenya and from around the world!

Athens Women's Football Summit 2020

The terrible COVID-19 pandemic brought much to a standstill, but Women’s Football continued its powerful growth, and the Second International Conference of the Athens Women’s Football Summit was held virtually on October 12-16, 2020! Viewed in over 100 countries, this was the largest ever women’s football digital summit to date!

Athens Women's Football Summit 2022

After talking with our members, speakers, strategic partners and colleagues in international football and business, we have decided to wait until 2022 to hold our next International Conference of the Athens Women’s Football Summit – game-changing, in-person and virtually streamed – in the standard-setting, innovative, action-inducing and uniquely connecting way we envision it.

The Athens Women's Football Summit Award

At the inaugural 2019 conference in Athens we had the honor to bestow upon the legendary Carolina Morace the first ever Athens Women’s Football Summit Award! Designed exclusively for AthensWFS by acclaimed artist Nikos Karokis, this prestigious award is given in-person at every October summit in recognition of exceptional service to women’s football and its unique culture.

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