Empowering students to help drive the global growth of the girls' and women's Beautiful Game

The Athens Women's Football International Student Forum

Empowering Students to help drive the global growth of the girls’s and women’s Beautiful Game

The AthensWFS, in association with The Hague University of Applied Sciences, on October 16th 2020 offered students from university programs around the world the opportunity to engage directly with members of the AthensWFS Community.

Our International Student Forum is a year-round body open to undergraduate and graduate students from around the world who are committed to the healthy, long-term growth of the girls' and women's Beautiful Game.

Going forward, this worldwide student body will be holding regular virtual meetings and working together with AthensWFS leadership to plan for digital and in-person activations around the Third Annual International Conference of the Athens Women's Football Summit to be held October 6-8 (virtually), 12-13 (in-person, in Greece), 2021.

Is joining the AthensWFS International Student Forum for you? Ask yourself:

* Are you looking to build a successful career in women’s football?

* Would you like to develop your network within the sport?

* Do you see yourself as a future leader in women's football?

* Are you interested in helping to grow the women’s game?

* Are you committed to promoting gender equality, inclusion, diversity and postive social change through girls' and women's football?

* Do you believe that students have a vital role to play in the development of women's football and should have a unified voice?

If your answer is a resounding yes to any of these questions, then reach out to us to find out more about joining our AthensWFS International Student Forum!

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