The Athens Women’s Football Summit (AthensWFS) is the year-round global home of women’s football and a unifying force for the girls’ and women’s Beautiful Game. Based in Athens but with members and strategic partners in NYC and in cities around the world, the AthensWFS is part of the fight to nurture positive social change and achieve women’s equal footing in football.


More than just an annual October gathering of the top sports and business stakeholders, it is a movement which conducts digital and in-person activations around the world with the purposes of 

  • increasing coverage of, fostering global investment opportunities in, and growing women’s football at all levels;
  • promoting gender equality, diversity and true inclusion of women in sport and business;
  • unifying all stakeholders, and building an international consensus around the goals and means to be pursued; and
  • nurturing dynamic, new collaborations; and clearing barriers and creating pathways for women to leadership

all while equipping its members and strategic partners with the guidance, know-how, confidence and connections they need to innovate and continue pushing forward.


Our international network of associates and strategic partners, our industry-leading in-person and digital activations, and game-changing projects around the world, provide exciting opportunities for dynamic new collaborations which foster innovation, trailblazing investment and intelligent, long-term business growth in connection with women’s football – the world’s most rapidly growing sporting, business and social movement!

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