The global research and analysis has found that women’s football is a rapidly growth market that represents both a strong commercial opportunity and a valuable addition to Corporate Responsibility programs.

In addition to its commercial appeal, women’s football is a high profile public and government concern, making it prime potential territory for business investment as part of Corporate
Responsibility programs.

This creates a prime opportunity for businesses to invest in helping to address these concerns and in so doing, to demonstrate and be recognized by the public and politicians for their wider contribution to society

Key facts that establishes womens’s football as a big opportunity for investment are the following:

1.Audience Volume. The audience volume is capable of generating significant levels of interest for sponsors, advertisers, investors, etc.

2. Effective Audience Profile. The audience profile allows sponsors, advertises, investros, etc to use it as a vehicle of reaching unlimited market opportunities.

3. Strong Audience Perceptions. The audience perceptions in terms of size and profile, should leave little room for doubt about the scale of the opportunity.

4. Audience Demand. The audience demand not only do high numbers of sports fans think women’s football is as exciting as men’s and growing faster, but they want to see more of it on television. There is demand.

5. New supply. The women’s football can attract significant audiences of sports fans, and that sports fans express a keen interest in seeing more women’s sport.

As a conclusion, corporate investment in women’s football could prove a decisive factor in addressing all these factors and public concerns, providing businesses and investors with the opportunity to highlight and enjoy the benefits of their  investments and corporate responsibility, including:

  • Investment in the well-being of half of the population and the families and communities that depend on them.
  • Status as champions of an area of PUBLIC concern and government priority.
  • High level recognition from government, politicians and the sports sector.

Encouraging businesses to invest in women’s football is thus an important concern and significant opportunity for them as it considers how to maximize its own investment in sport generally. ​