Our Projects

Our Efforts to make a real impact and to grow the Women’s Beautiful Game


Helping Clubs, Academies, Businesses and Individuals excel in Women’s Football.

We confidentially assist and guide top clubs, federations, businesses and their executives on a wide array of crucial issues and the development of new collaborations and projects, ranging from the creation of new girls’ academies and professional women’s football clubs to the bringing of new investment, technology and expertise to the game.


We also use our industry-leading virtual and in-person activations to educate and raise awareness, to start discussions, and to motivate new action!


Bringing Leaders of Women’s Football together virtually.

As the new year-round global home of the girls’ and women’s Beautiful Game at all levels, AthensWFS’s long-term goal is to not only be the leading international advocate and a trusted voice for the good of the game, but also to unify and support the industry as the global convenor and connective medium between women’s football’s top global stakeholders. Central to our goals is the creation of powerful, cutting-edge and motivating discussions around the women’s game and its unique history, culture and values. Our virtual summits and webinars give expression to our global community of football and business innovators, share inspiring stories, and promote women’s football all around the world.

Spotlight: The Puerto Rico Webinar

Pa’lante: Puerto Rican Women in Football – An AthensWFS Webinar Series

The Athens Women’s Football Summit (AthensWFS) is the year-round global home of the girls’ and women’s Beautiful Game at all levels. On the occasion of this exciting celebration of the Puerto Rico Women’s National Team (PRWNT) and its intrepid heroines – and in support of our efforts to empower girls and women and grow women’s football in Latin America and in Latino populations globally – AthensWFS is excited to announce the launch of a series of webinars entitled Pa’lante: Puerto Rican Women in Football. This series will recognize pioneering Puerto Rican women and their male allies, and discuss the exciting development of girls’ and women’s futbol in Puerto Rico and in Puerto Rican communities around the world.

Please be sure to join us monthly as acclaimed writer, educator and public speaker Natalia De Cuba Romero – the Captain of the first Puerto Rico Women’s National Team – hosts powerful conversations about the personalities, business, sporting excellence, and culture of Puerto Rican women’s football and inspiring stories of perseverance, innovation and triumph.

Coaching & Mentorship

Expertise and Experience Shared, in the Service of the Game.

The creation of top quality coaches is central to our goals, with an emphasis on helping to foster new pathways to success for female coaches at all levels. To that end, thoughout the year we offer virtual workshops and small-group training sessions utilizing our global network of coaching experts and industry stakeholders.


Prime examples of this endeavor are our tailored coaching workshops and mental resiliance sessions for college teams, professional clubs, academies and individual coaches taught by internationally respected football coach Johnny Collins!


But our work doesn’t end there. Year-round we offer private mentoring and specially-crafted workshops worldwide on a variety of vital areas for players, executives, and other industry professionals. Indeed, we are currently in the planning stage for virtual and in-person coach, player and referee workshops – and on-the-pitch training sessions – in 2022 across several continents!


Interested in learning more? Please reach out to us. 

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International Women's Football Historical Society

Powered by the Athens Women’s Football Summit.

Stay tuned for news of our upcoming webinars and in-person activations focused on the rich, lengthy history of the Girls’ and Women’s Beautiful Game.

The founding of the International Women’s Football Historical Society was announced by the AthensWFS Founders during the October 16th, 2020 webinar entitled Conversation with Gail Newsham at the 2020 Online Athens Women’s Football Summit, moderated by Georgia Goulding of Her Football Hub.


Please enjoy this dynamic, informative session.  

If you want to join the International Women’s Football Historical Society, click on the Button below!

The Athens Women's Football International Student Forum

Empowering students to help drive the global growth of the Women’s/Girls’ Beautiful Game.

The AthensWFS, in association with The Hague University of Applied Sciences, on October 16 2020 offered students from university programs around the world the opportunity to engage directly with the members of the AthensWFS community.

Our International Student Forum is a year-round body open to undergraduate and graduate students from around the world who are committed to the healthy, long-term growth of the Girls’ and Women’s Beautiful Game.

Going forward, this worldwide student body will be holding regular virtual meetings and working together with AthensWFS leadership to plan for digital and in-person activations around the Third International Conference of the Athens Women’s Football Summit to be held September 22-23, 2022.


Ask yourself the following questions:


1. Are you looking to build a successful career in women’s football?

2. Would you like to develop your network within the sport?

3. Do you see yourself as a future leader in women’s football?

4. Are you interested in helping to grow the women’s game?

5. Are you committed to promoting gender equality, inclusion, diversity and positive social change through girls’ and women’s football?

6. Do you believe that students have a vital role to play in the development of women’s football and should have a unified voice?


If your answer is a resounding yes to any of these questions, then reach out to us to find out more about joining our AthensWFS International Student Forum!